Welcome to Big Boy Scout Camp

Earlier this month, I was able to attend the first annual Expedition Utah Overland Skills Camp, which my wife and I began to affectionately refer to as “big boy scout camp”. No merit badges, but lots of time spent out camping with a bunch of guys off learning new skills. The event began for me […]

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Blacks Fork, UT

Fall break this year has been a bit of a staycation for us. Sleeping in, working on projects around the house, and just hanging out. One day, we took the Bronco for a drive up to the Uintas, just cruising up the Mirror Lake Highway. After getting a late start, we made our way up Parley’s Canyon, […]

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Ghost Towns… in 3D!

As a followup to the Ghost Town Tour trip report, I also had a little fun playing with Microsoft’s Photosynth app on my phone to create some 3D panoramas. Here’s a few of the ones that turned out worth keeping.   Modena, Utah Inside a kiln at Frisco Fay Cemetery Pine Grove camp near the […]

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