Little Moab Video

From the “better late than never” category… a super short edit of some video I shot back in April.

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Little Moab Training Day

Last weekend hosted a training day down in the Little Moab area. I’ve never been down there, and I’m almost always up for a quick trip to learn something new. We met up at the Chevron in Saratoga Springs, and once the group was assembled, we made the trek down to Cedar Valley. The night was spent […]

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Ghost Towns… in 3D!

As a followup to the Ghost Town Tour trip report, I also had a little fun playing with Microsoft’s Photosynth app on my phone to create some 3D panoramas. Here’s a few of the ones that turned out worth keeping.   Modena, Utah Inside a kiln at Frisco Fay Cemetery Pine Grove camp near the […]

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